FELIWAY CLASSIC starter set for cats 48 ml


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FELIWAY ® CLASSIC starter set

vaporizer with 48ml bottle for one month HAPPY HOME: Relaxed and comfortable home

FELIWAY ® CLASSIC is based on the natural wellbeing pheromone of cats. As a vaporizer for the socket it leads to the well-being of the velvet paws on 50 - 70m² of living space. The area becomes an oasis of well-being and stress-related behaviors, such as urine or scratch marks, decrease.

Used as a preventive measure, it helps cats get used to new situations more quickly while remaining relaxed.

The FELIWAY ® CLASSIC vaporizer works around the clock and offers constant relaxation and comfort at home. The FELIWAY ®CLASSIC vaporizer turns your home into a comfort zone for your cat and ensures a better quality of life for you and your cat.

FELIWAY CLASSIC starter set for cats Applications:
• End of urine or scratch marking
• Changes in the familiar environment (eg new family members, whether baby or pet, or renovations and new furniture)
• settling in their new home
• merging two or more cats with no evidence of conflicts

The The most important things about the FELIWAY ® CLASSIC starter set at a glance:
• Non-medicinal help to make cats feel good
• Reduces signs of stress in cats of all ages
• Relaxed, scientifically proven
• Recommended and developed by vets
• Reduces urine marking by 90% after just 1 month (Mills, 2001)

How does FELIWAY ® CLASSIC work?
Cats perceive pheromones from their environment through an area near the nose. The natural facial pheromone is produced by the cat on the cheek and is always discontinued when it feels safe and secure in its surroundings. To do this, cats rub their heads against people, furniture, passageways and other areas of the home, for example. It leaves behind a scent mark that is imperceptible to humans: the cat's facial pheromone. This "lucky pheromone" gives the cat security and relaxation.

FELIWAY ®CLASSIC is the synthetic replica of this pheromone and has the same relaxing effect on cats. If these "lucky pheromones" are missing, for example because the cat is too stressed or has been brought into an unknown environment such as a new home, FELIWAY ® CLASSIC quickly and easily ensures well-being - the support for a harmonious coexistence of humans and cats.

FELIWAY CLASSIC starter set for cats Composition:
Analogue of the F3 fraction of the cat facial
pheromone 2% isoparaffinic hydrocarbon 100ml

FELIWAY CLASSIC starter set for cats Application:
• Turn the bottle into the vaporizer and plug it into the socket.
• Leave the wall outlet vaporizer plugged in for the full 30 days.
• FELIWAY ®CLASSIC vaporizer should be plugged into the room in which the cats predominantly stay or show symptoms of stress.
• Each evaporator covers a living space of 50-70 m².

Pheromones can be used in conjunction with veterinary drugs. They are suitable for cats of all ages.

The FELIWAY ® CLASSIC vaporizer must be plugged in continuously. The FELIWAY ® CLASSIC starter set contains a socket vaporizer and a 48 ml bottle for 30 days of use.

The bottles can be replaced every month by purchasing a FELIWAY ® CLASSIC refill bottle .

DO NOT CONNECT: under an electrical device; under furniture, behind doors, curtains or under objects placed on a wall (e.g. a shelf); to a multiple socket / extension cable.

FELIWAY CLASSIC starter set for cats Warning!
Please use this spherical socket outlet vaporizer only with the associated refill bottles.