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FELIWAY CLASSIC Transport Spray for cats 20 ml


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FELIWAY ® CLASSIC Transport Spray 20ml

The FELIWAY ® CLASSIC Transport Spray is an easy-to-use option to relax cats in stressful situations such as on a trip or when visiting the vet.

Simply spray FELIWAY ® CLASSIC in every corner, floor and ceiling of the clean transport box 15 minutes before the cat is placed in the cage .

The FELIWAY ® CLASSIC transport spray has been proven to help reduce stress in house cats and is ideally used to get used to the transport basket.

The most important information about the FELIWAY ® CLASSIC transport sprays at a glance:
• Relaxation for stressful situations, such as travel or visits to the vet
• Helps for 4-5 hours
• A 20 ml bottle contains approx. 125 pumps
• Ideal solution for on the go
• Developed and recommended by veterinarians
• Scientifically proven to reduce stress (Gaultier, 1998)

How it works FELIWAY ® CLASSIC?
Cats perceive pheromones from their environment through an area near the nose. The natural facial pheromone is produced by the cat on the cheek and is always discontinued when it feels safe and secure in its environment. To do this, cats rub their heads against people, furniture, passageways and other areas of the home, for example. It leaves behind a scent mark that is imperceptible to humans: the cat's facial pheromone. This "lucky pheromone" gives the cat security and relaxation.

FELIWAY ®CLASSIC is the synthetic replica of this pheromone and has the same relaxing effect on cats. If these "lucky pheromones" are missing, for example because the cat is too stressed or has been brought into an unknown environment such as a new home, FELIWAY ® CLASSIC quickly and easily ensures well-being - the support for a harmonious coexistence of humans and cats.

FELIWAY CLASSIC Transport Spray for cats Composition:
Analog of the F3 fraction of the cat facial pheromone 10%
ethanol qs 20 ml

FELIWAY CLASSIC Transport Spray for cats application:
15 min. Before the cat is placed in the transport basket, 1 spray of FELIWAY ®Spray CLASSIC in every corner and two puffs each on the floor and ceiling of the clean transport box. Do not spray in the presence of the cat, as the initial intense alcohol smell / spray noise will irritate the cat. The smell of alcohol disappears (as with perfume) after a few minutes. Only then put the cat in the transport basket. Repeat the application before each transport.

The FELIWAY ® CLASSIC transport spray helps for 4 to 5 hours.

A 20 ml bottle contains approx. 125 pumps. +/- 8 pumps / application

FELIWAY ® CLASSIC transport spray is an environmental spray . Do not spray directly on cats.