FELIWAY FRIENDS starter set for cats 48 ml


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FELIWAY ® FRIENDS starter set,
socket outlet vaporizer and 30-day bottle, 48ml

HAPPY CATS: For cats to live together harmoniously at home.

Conflicts between cats are common in households with more than one cat. FELIWAY ® FRIENDS helps, scientifically proven, to reduce tension and conflicts in multi-cat households.

The FELIWAY ® FRIENDS vaporizer works around the clock and offers constant relaxation and comfort in a multi-cat household. The vaporizer is the solution for a harmonious and friendly coexistence of several cats.

First changes are possible after a week. Use the FELIWAY ®FRIENDS vaporizer for at least a month. Conflicts and tensions have often become established over a long period of time. We recommend using FELIWAY ® FRIENDS for approx. 3 months.

• to reduce the frequency and intensity of tension in a multi-
cat household • to make the coexistence between cats in a household more harmonious

How does FELIWAY ® FRIENDS work?
In nature, the mother cat forms a special pheromone to give her kittens a feeling of security and security. This pheromone ensures a harmonious bond between mother and kitten.

FELIWAY ®FRIENDS is a synthetic copy of this pheromone and has the same soothing effect on cats of all ages. Scientifically proven, FELIWAY ® FRIENDS helps to reduce tensions and conflicts in multi-cat households.

The most important things about the FELIWAY ® FRIENDS starter set at a glance:
• Helps to reduce conflicts and tensions between cats living together
• 30 days START-SET: Socket vaporizer & bottle 48ml
• For an area of ​​up to 70m²
• Developed and recommended by veterinarians
• Scientifically proven
• Non-medicinal help for more harmony in a multi-cat household

FELIWAY FRIENDS starter set for cats Areas of application:
In the case of obvious conflict behavior , such as:
• Fighting
• Chasing
• Fleeing
• Hissing, screeching, growling

At more subtle conflict behaviors , such as:
• Blocking the way
• Staring
• Avoiding the way
• Hiding

If there are tensions and conflicts as well as urine / scratch marks, use the FELIWAY ® CLASSIC vaporizer as well or the FELIWAY ® CLASSIC spray.

To bring cats together, so far without conflicts and tension, we recommend plugging in the FELIWAY ® CLASSIC vaporizer 1 week before the new cat arrives.

FELIWAY FRIENDS starter set for cats Application:
• Turn the bottle into the vaporizer and plug it into the socket.
• Leave the wall outlet vaporizer plugged in for the full 30 days.
• FELIWAY ® FRIENDS vaporizers should be plugged in in the room in which the cats predominantly stay and in which conflicts occur most frequently. If your cats have separate sleeping places in different rooms or spend a lot of time apart from each other, we recommend using multiple vaporizers.
• Each evaporator covers a living space of 50-70 m².
• In order to continuously support your cats and maintain the desired behavior, you can replace the empty bottle with a new FELIWAY ® FRIENDS refill bottle after 30 days .
• The vaporizer should be replaced every 6 months.

The FELIWAY® products can be combined with any type of therapy or medication. Suitable for cats of all ages, from kittens to older cats. Long-term use possible.

When the next bottle change is necessary, the sticker on the bottle can be used to record in the calendar.

Do not plug in: under an electrical device; under furniture or under items attached to a wall; with a multiple socket / extension cord.

FELIWAY FRIENDS starter set for cats Composition:
Analogue of the cat relaxation
pheromone (CAP) 2% isoparaffinic hydrocarbon 100ml