FELIWAY OPTIMUM refill bottle 48 ml


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FELIWAY ® Optimum refill bottle

• Happy Family
• More balance
• 30 day refill
bottle • For FELIWAY ® Optimum vaporizer

Helps to reduce all the usual signs of stress in cats, including:
• Scratching
• Fears
• Urinary marking
• Tensions & conflicts
• In the event of changes,

an optimal one Solution:
• New pheromone discovery.
• 9.1 / 10 satisfaction rate among cat owners.
• 93% of owners perceive their cat to be more balanced.

New Pheromone Discovery:
Cats produce invisible messages of relaxation known as pheromones.

FELIWAY ® Optimum contains the most advanced composition of cat pheromone components developed by the FELIWAY ® research team. This new discovery conveys messages of wellbeing that will help your cats feel safe and relaxed at home, give them security and ensure harmony between your cats.

FELIWAY ® Optimum optimally combines various messages of wellbeing from cat pheromones for even more balance, harmony and relaxation in your home.

FELIWAY ® Optimum helps cats more than ever to overcome stressful situations and to regain calm and balance.

FELIWAY ®Optimum is a product solution for all cat owners that helps to reduce all the usual signs of stress in cats:
• urine marking
• scratching
• hiding & fears
• tensions & conflicts between cats • changes (moving, new furniture, renovations ...)

FELIWAY ® Optimum also helps with:
• Stress as a cause of reduced appetite, decreased activity, excessive cleaning
• Settling in a new cat in your family

FELIWAY OPTIMUM refill bottle Easy to use:
• Can also be used in combination with any type of therapy or medication.
• Can be used in every phase of life from kittens to older cats.

FELIWAY ®Optimum is NOT a sedative or sedative.

FELIWAY ® Optimum can only be perceived by cats. It has no effect on people or other pets in the household, such as dogs.

FELIWAY OPTIMUM refill bottle How to use:
Simply plug the vaporizer into the socket in the room where your cats spend most of their time. For optimal help: leave the vaporizer plugged in continuously and replace the bottle approx. Every 30 days. Only for electrical voltages of 220V. Use in a working socket. Do not connect to an extension cord, adapter or voltage converter. Vaporizers are available with the starter set.

Renew the bottle approx. Every 30 days. Use the sticker on the bottle label as a reminder.

A 48 ml bottle is sufficient for approx. 30 days and up to 70 m2 of living space.

FELIWAY OPTIMUM refill bottle Composition:
Analogue cat pheromone complex (FPhC) 2%
isoparaffinic hydrocarbon qs 48 ml