FEMIBION Natal 1 x 30 tablets for women planning pregnancy multivitamins


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  • FEMIBION Natal 1 set of vitamins for women planning pregnancy and the end of the 12th week of pregnancy. It contains folic acid metafolinę, vitamins and iodine.

Folic acid - 400μg
L-metylofolian calcium - 416μg
Vitamin B1 - 1,2mg
Vitamin B2 - 1,6mg
Vitamin B6 - 1,9mg
Vitamin B12 - 3,5μg
Biotin - 60μg
Niacin - 15mg
Pantothenic acid - 6mg
Vitamin C - 110mg
Vitamin E - 13mg
Iodine - 150μg folic acid is a vitamin B group is an important part of the process of cell division and the formation of blood, and therefore shares responsibility for the healthy growth of the fetus. Research in the field of nutrition has shown a positive effect of folic acid on pregnancy and healthy child development in the womb.

1 tablet daily