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  • Pessaries Feminella Hyalosoft moisturize the vaginal mucosa and fully alleviate any discomfort resulting from irritation of the vulva and vagina. Especially recommended to women in menopause, postpartum, after chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

1 vaginal globule (total weight: 1.7 g) contains 5 mg of sodium hyaluronate; synthetic vitamin E 10 mg; extracts of the following plants: w SHORT Asian 60 mg, 60 mg mallow flowers, chamomile 60 mg; Tea tree oil 2 mg; colloidal silicon dioxide 20 mg; semi-synthetic glycerides 1483 mg.

globules vaginal Feminella Hyalosoft contain in its composition many useful substances, which have moisturizing and soothing any symptoms associated with discomfort intimate surroundings and vaginal such as itching, burning, a feeling of tension or tissue pain and dryness during sexual intercourse. The composition of plant extracts contained in globules accelerates the healing process and protects against infections. Feminella Hyalosoft, are particularly recommended in cases of vaginal dryness caused by hormonal changes in all periods of life of women, especially in menopause, postpartum, during lactation, or which is the consequence of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

After one globulce vaginal day for 10 days or as directed by your doctor. Treatment of vaginal dryness in menopausal women: Maintenance treatment vaginal globule one two times a week.