FEMINUM AKTIV moisturizing gel intimate 30g

Master Pharm

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  • FEMINUM AKTIV is an intimate gel formulation which, thanks to its content Sodium hyaluronate works moisturizing and soothing. In addition, lactic acid restores the physiological pH of the vagina.

eucerin, hydroxyethylcetulose, sodium hyururonate, lactic acid, chlorhexidine acetate, purified water.

The product is characterized by a complex, unique composition that helps relieve symptoms of discomfort in the intimate area. Primarily responsible for neutralizing irritations, baking and itching. In addition, it affects the regulation of the pH of the intimate spheres as well as the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms. It moisturizes and protects against abrasions, while preventing infections and contributing to increased comfort during sexual intercourse.

Topical use is recommended for frequent irritation, antibiotic therapy, stress, prolonged menstruation, hormonal contraception, or frequent sexual intercourse. Indicated to moisturize and soothe discomfort in the intimate area.

How to use:
A small amount of gel should be applied to external parts of the genitals, after they have been cleaned and dried. It can be applied directly to a condom or skin.