FEMINUM FIT vaginal gel 40g, vag gel

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  • FEMINUM FIT is a vaginal gel that works based on lactic acid and fitoglikogenu - substances responsible for moisturizing and soothing.Preparation restores the physiological pH of the vagina.

Lactic acid, fitoglikogen

The preparation is characterized by a complex, unique composition allows alleviate uncomfortable symptoms occurring around the pubic area. Primarily responsible for neutralizing irritation, burning and itching. In addition, it acts to regulate the pH of intimate areas, and prevents reproduction of pathogenic microbes. Moisturizes and protects against abrasions, while preventing infection and contributing to increased comfort during sexual intercourse.

It is recommended that topical application in the case of frequent irrigation, antibiotic therapy, stress, prolonged menstruation, hormonal contraception or frequent sexual intercourse. Indicated to moisturize and relieve discomfort around the pubic area.

How to use:
A small amount of gel should be applied to the outer part of the genitals, after having been cleaned and dried.