Femma Everyday Intimate Hygiene Wipes x 12 pieces, feminine wipes


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  • Feminine wipes. Femma Everyday Intimate Hygiene Wipes effectively cleans and refreshes delicate spheres of the female body. Neutralizes bad odors and helps maintain proper pH.

lactic acid, prebiotic, triethyl citrate, odour block, emollients.

Femma Everyday Intimate Hygiene Wipes is an extremely comfortable product. It is characterized by a unique anti odour formula, which perfectly neutralizes odors from the intimate spheres. Handkerchiefs clean and refresh. They do not cause irritation within delicate intimate spheres. They are soaked with lactic acid, which contributes to maintaining normal pH of the skin. They also contain a prebiotic (inulin) responsible for restoring the balance of bacterial flora and triethyl citrate, which blocks the activity of bacterial enzymes (the main cause of odor). Emollients work gently moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Femma Everyday intimate hygiene wipes are individually packed,

- Hypersensitivity to the components of the preparation

Use the product in women under the daily care and hygiene of intimate spheres.

Apply locally. After removing the tissue from the package, apply it to cleanse and refresh the intimate areas. Discard after use.