Fenistil gel 30g Itching, Irritation, Pain, Stings, Bites, Urticaria, Minor Burns, Rashes


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  • Fenistil gel is used in the treatment of pruritus in the course of dermatoses, urticaria, insect bites (including mosquitoes) in sunburn and skin superficial burns (degree).

Composition Fenistil gel:
1 g or 1 ml of gel emulsion containing 1 mg dimetindenu maleate.

Fenistil gel Action: Preparation for topical use an extremely high affinity for receptor H 1 . It works przeciwświądowo and przeciwhistaminowo and exerts a local anesthetic. Thanks to specially optimized emulsion base and dimetindene gel quickly penetrates into the skin, exerting a strong antipruritic effect and cooling. The bioavailability after the application on skin is 10%. The effects of starts after a few minutes of use.

Indications Fenistil gel: Itching in the course of dermatoses, urticaria, insect bites, burns solar and superficial burns of the skin (I °).

Fenistil gel Precautions: For use on large areas of skin should avoid excessive exposure UVA / UVB rays. In infants and small children do not use on large areas of skin, especially damaged or inflamed.

Fenistil gel Pregnancy and lactation: Do not use in the first trimester of pregnancy; during the remaining period of pregnancy and during breastfeeding avoid the use of the vast areas of the skin, while lactating women do not apply in the area of warts.

Dosage: 2-4 times a day lubricates the gel or emulsion of the affected, itching skin.