Fennel fix Only Natura x 30 sachets, fennel fruit, foeniculi fructus

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  • Fennel fruit, foeniculi fructus. Well known to you fennel, or fennel is not just a tasty vegetable. You can prepare delicious tea with its dried fruit. Fennel fix Only Natura will help you reduce the feeling of fullness and relieve bloating.

100% fennel fruit (foeniculi fructus).

Fennel tea is known and appreciated by all mums, because it is the most common product with a carminative effect given to children with problems with the tummy. Drinking tea. Fennel fix. Only Nature affects the relief of bloating bloating and reducing the feeling of fullness. This is not all the properties of fennel, it also has a bactericidal effect, thanks to which the rinses from the tea help eliminate bad breath, and when used as a tonic for the skin, it perfectly cares for oily skin. It contributes to the detoxification of the body and to the removal of water. A fennel infusion can be used during a cold to relieve sore throat and cough.

Dietary food for special medical purposes. Fennel fix. Only Nature intended for use to relieve the feeling of fullness and flatulence.

Additional information:
Keep out of the reach of children, at room temperature, store in a dry place.

Do not use in the case of hypersensitivity to fennel.

Directions for use:
Pour one cup of boiling water over one sachet. Then brew under cover before about 5-8 minutes. You can make one glass of tea from one tea bag.

Net weight: 60g (30 x 2g).