FENSPOGAL 2mg / ml syrup 150ml for children over 2 years old symptoms of bronchitis


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  • ENSPOGAL is a drug that acts on the basis of fenspiride hydrochloride having anti-inflammatory and bronchodilators.Promotes expectoration secretions during infection of the bronchi and lungs.

The active substance is fenspiride hydrochloride. 1 ml syrup contains 2 mg fenspiride hydrochloride. The other ingredients are:sucrose, glycerol, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, propyl parahydroxybenzoate, banana flavor, purified water.

The drug contains fenspiride hydrochloride, which has anti-inflammatory and relaxant. Exhibits antagonism H 1 and spasmolytic properties papawerynowego type (or muskulotropowego). Anti-inflammatory effect in the reduced production of inflammatory mediators such as cytokines, TNF, arachidonic acid derivatives of free radicals. The highest concentration achieved after applying after 2,3-2,5h. The expulsion process is performed mainly by the kidneys.

- allergic to ingredients
- age less than 2 years

It is used for diseases of the lung bronchi, which run from sputum production and cough.

For oral use. In adults, the use of 45-90 ml / 24h. for children over 2 years old be given 4 mg / kg mc./24h, ie .: children with mc. below 10 kg: 10-20 ml / 24h; children with mc. above 10 kg: 30-60 ml / 24 hours.