FEROVIT BIO Special x 30 capsules, iron supplements


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  • FEROVIT BIO Special is a preparation that contains a well-digestible, high dose of iron. It contributes to the proper conduct of the process of the formation of hemoglobin and red blood cells.

1 capsule. Contains 333 mg LIPOFER including iron 28 mg (200%) Vitamin C 40 mg (50%) Vitamin B6 1.4 mg (100%) Vitamin B12 2.5 mcg (100%) , 400 mcg folic acid (200%)
Composition total: Lipofer (maize starch diphosphate, iron, emulsifier soya lecithin), the ingredients of the capsule shell (gelatin, glycerol binder, a dye-red iron oxide, nośnik- E555) soybean oil oil, palm oil, coconut oil, yellow wax stabilizer-emulsifier - soya lecithin, vitamin C, vitamin B12, B6, folic acid.

FEROVIT BIO Special is a food supplement, which is a rich source of iron. Supports the process of cognitive development in children.Participates in the formation of hemoglobin and erythrocytes. It provides cells of the organism of nutrients and oxygen. It protects against anemia. A positive effect on growth processes. It supports the action of the immune system. The absorption of iron increases the presence of vitamin C. Ascorbic acid also enhances immunity. Along with folic acid and vitamins B12 and B6 reduces fatigue and weariness. Folic acid protects against the occurrence of neural tube malformations. It is an important ingredient necessary for the proper functioning of the hematopoietic system. Participates in the formation and maturation of erythrocytes (vitamin B6 and B12 as well). Special FEROVIT BIO is in the form of capsules for oral use. It leaves an unpleasant metallic taste in the mouth.

Use to supplement the levels of iron and other components involved in the process of hematopoietic. Recommended for pregnant women and planning to conceive a child.

For oral use. In adults, it is recommended to use one kaps./24h while eating.