Ferritin iron deficiency test x 1 piece


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Ferritin iron deficiency test

The easy-to-perform ferritin iron deficiency test is a medical device that allows you to determine the level of ferritin in the blood at home (a sample taken from the finger). Product helpful in the diagnosis of anemia. The result can be read after 5 minutes.

Included Ferritin Test for Iron Deficiency:

Sachet with a cassette test and a capillary pipette - 1 pc., A disinfection swab - 1 pc., A sterile lancet (lancing device) for obtaining a blood sample - 1 pc., A container with a dropper containing 1 ml of the reagent - 1 pc., Instructions for use.

Action Ferritin test for iron deficiency:

A self-performed home test for determining the level of ferritin in the blood. Medical device Ferritin iron deficiency test is recommended for use in the diagnosis of anemia. The test can be done quickly with a blood sample drawn from your finger. The result can be read within 5 minutes. A positive test result, i.e. ferritin at a level above 30ng / ml, means that everything is fine, a level below 30ng / ml means a ferritin deficiency, which may indicate iron deficiency and anemia (anemia).

Ferritin iron deficiency test Application:
Medical device Ferritin iron deficiency test intended to be used to determine the level of ferritin in a blood sample. The test is recommended for symptoms such as fatigue, pallor, headache, shortness of breath, brittle hair and nails. The test is also recommended for people at risk of anemia, e.g. children, pregnant women, vegans, the elderly, people with malabsorption disorders, and athletes.

Ferritin iron deficiency test Additional information:
Store the product out of reach of children, at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against moisture and light. Single use product. The test is not recommended for inflammation in the presence of liver or spleen damage.

How to use the Ferritin Test for Iron Deficiency:

Before use, be sure to read the instructions. The product should be used as intended. Remove the test from its packaging and place the test plate on a clean, level surface. After opening the test envelope, the test should be performed within one hour. The finger from which the blood sample will be drawn (usually the middle or ring finger) should be gently massaged for about 30 seconds, then disinfected. After disinfection, wait 30-60 seconds, then apply the lancing device (first remove the cover) to the side of the disinfected fingertip - the lancing device should fit snugly against the skin, then press it until a characteristic "click" appears, this sound means that the finger is left punctured. Lower the hand with the punctured finger down and wait for a large, full drop of blood to form, the finger may be squeezed several times, to speed up the process. Holding the pipette horizontally, bring the pipette tip close to the blood drop. Do not squeeze the fingertip or squeeze the pipette. Blood flows into the pipette by itself under the action of capillary forces. The pipette must be filled with blood up to the black mark. Avoiding the formation of air bubbles, introduce the contents of the pipette into the appropriate well of the test plate. Wait for all blood to be absorbed, then add 3 full drops of solution to the well. Read the result within 5 minutes of adding the solution to the window. The reading after more than 10 minutes is unreliable. Interpretation of the result: positive result (> 30ng / ml) - control line C and test line T appear; negative result (<30ng / ml) - only control line C appears; incorrect result - only the T test line appears.