FERTILCARE x 30 capsules, sperm quality for family


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  • FertilCare, a special supplement dedicated to women planning to become pregnant and being pregnant that want to provide your body with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids valuable for the well-being of both mom and baby.

FERTILCARE Composition: sperm quality for family
1 capsule: Magnesium (150 mg), L-Arginine (250 mg), vitamin C (125 mg), Vitamin E (20 mg), L-taurine (50 mg), Iron (15 mg), niacin (20 mg), zinc (15 mg), vitamin B6 (10 mg), vitamin D3 (10 mg), riboflavin (2 mg), vitamin C (70 mg), folic acid (400 mg), selenium (50 mg), vitamin B12 (6 mg)

FertilCare is recommended and safe for pregnant dietary supplement, whose task is to provide the body with necessary pregnancy vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The product contains only scientifically proven compounds, which increase fertility, and the dose of the individual components, have been closely matched to the needs of the woman's body which tries to have a child and which is already pregnant, to meet the body's need for these valuable substances. FertilCare contains up to 400 mg dose of folic acid. The ingredients of the food supplement has been used in accordance with EU standards.

FERTILCARE Application:
FertilCare, is an innovative dietary supplement that improve the fertility and prepare the body for a planned pregnancy. FertilCare provides the body with the mother and child are necessary for their health ingredients. Also for use during pregnancy.

One capsule FertilCare day during the main meal. Do not bite. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.