FERTILCOUNT Fertility Test for Men x 1p.


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  • FertilCount fertility test for men seeking offspring, allows the assessment of the amount of sperm found in semen sample. The test is simple to use and does not require the involvement of third parties and visits to the doctor or laboratory.

Operation and use:
FertilCount fertility test for men is a discreet and easy way to independently study of fertility. The test allows the determination of the semen sample, or is it sufficient to conceive offspring sperm count - according to the WHO guidelines of 20 million sperm per ml is enough to conceive a child. Before performing the test and its interpretation, you should always remember that on fertility is significantly influenced by the shape of sperm, motility and other semen parameters. The result of the test may also be affected by stress, high fever, exercise, long abstinence, traveling and changes in diet Directions: A positive test is when the sperm concentration is equal to or greater than 20 million per 1 ml. A negative test result - sperm concentration is less than 20 million per 1 ml. Repeat the test after about 10 weeks. A detailed instruction manual is in the package.