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  • Infertility problems in men can be one of the many obstacles to getting a baby. The professional, yet simple to use SwimCount male fertility test will allow you to examine the quality of semen and sperm count!

Fertility Test For Men Includes:
Semen sample cup (1pc), syringe (1pc), SwimCount test (1pc).

Fertility Test For Men Action:
Many men are paralyzed by the idea of ​​possible infertility. Embarrassed, they refuse to make the decision to treat, or even to study, which makes it possible to make a correct diagnosis. The LabHome brand comes up with the innovative semen quality test that you can do at home. SwimCount Test Mechanism uses groundbreaking technology that measures the amount of sperm in the semen that is capable of proper swimming. Chemical substance (dye dissolved in buffered saline) contained in the test is colored with mobile sperm. The semi-quantitative home test, SwimCount, has three levels of concentration (according to World Health Organization recommendations). This means that the sample's coloration will indicate whether the number of sperm motile is above, Or below the guidelines for normal sperm quality (5 million per millimeter). The product has accuracy and sensitivity (96%). In addition, the reliability of the test is confirmed by clinical studies, which is also confirmed by positive recommendations of specialists. The great advantage of the test is its ease and speed - just 30 minutes.

Fertility Test For Men Use:
Medical device Test SwimCount for male fertility for home use, recommended for sperm quality. Recommended for problems with pregnancy, want to check fertility, and also as a test after vasectomy.

Fertility Test For Men Additional Information:
Keep out of the reach of children at room temperature. The test has CE0086 Certificate of Conformity and ISO 9001: 13485 Quality Certificate. Disposable product.

Fertility Test For Men How to use:
Take a semen sample to a special cup included (use of condoms or lubricants can damage the sperm, which will affect the correct result). Let stand for 30 minutes to dissolve the sperm. Mix syringe 10 times, then take 0.5ml. Place the specimen in the designated test window, with the slider on the side of the device sliding forward fully to enable it.Leave the test for 30 minutes all the time in a horizontal position. Move the slider again. The result will be visible half an hour after the sample has been applied. The stronger the color of the strip, the better the sperm motility. It is recommended that you thoroughly read the instructions for use before starting the test.

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