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  • Fertility test for men FertilityScore is a test for quick checking of the number of motile sperm in the semen sample.

Based on the result of the test can determine if sperm quality is normal, which means that in a sample of sperm is 20 million or more active sperm per milliliter. Receiving twice a positive result means that there is 86% chance that the sperm activity is normal and fertility is good. The main advantages of the test FertilityScore should ease and speed of execution and the interpretation of results. Factor distinguishing this set apart from other products of this type is the fact that the study is subject to all collected semen sample, not just the selected part. The test is the number of active (motile) sperm cells in the sample rather than concentrating all sperm (motile and non-motile). A positive result is obtained with the number of 20 million sperm per milliliter of semen which is consistent with WHO standards defining the boundary between fertility and male infertility in this regard. Additionally FertilityScore includes two tests in the kit, which allows to obtain more reliable results and determine temporal variations in the quality of semen ..

When is the test? :
Before performing the test, you should avoid ejaculation for a period of 3-10 days .test FertilityScore should be made ​​at least two semen samples. The result of the first test should be compared with the result of the second test performed at an interval of at least a week.

Test kit FertilityScore contains all the elements necessary to perform two separate studies. Package includes: Color card - 1 pc. Funnel - 1 pc. Tube Test - 2 pcs. Container with lid and thermometer - 1 pc. A bottle containing a dark blue solution - 1 pc. information leafletInterpretation of the result: Test FertiliyScore operates by determining the number of motile sperm in the semen sample. The intensity of the resulting color is compared with the color chart. Based on a comparison of colors and assign the result to the appropriate group (positive or negative) can determine whether the sperm activity is normal (20 million or more active sperm per milliliter of semen), or less than 20 million / ml (negative). The test results can be transferred to a doctor who will determine what will be needed further investigation.