FERTILTIME Ovulation tests 5 pcs defining ovulation in women seeking offspring


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  • FertilTime, the ovulation test strip with which the hormone is detected - LH defining ovulation in women seeking offspring. The package contains 5 tests, the accuracy of which result reaches 99%.

5 test strips in the packaging operation and application:FertilTime, is a set of test strips to test the urine of the female, which detect the presence of luteinizing hormone - LH defining moment of ovulation. Test FertilTime, it is very easy to use and accurate - the test is accurate 99%. The test is particularly recommended for women trying to get pregnant - both for professional use as well as for self-study at home. How to use: Remove the ovulation test (test strip with protective film) Download a urine sample in a clean container always at the same time between 10 - 20 Limit fluid intake to two hours before the test Immerse the test strip in the urine for 15 seconds the result is displayed after 5 min. How to read the result? a positive result - see two lines (line test T and line control C) lines should be the same color or line test should be darker than the control