FIBERS of Prof. Dr. Bozhidar Popov 14 doses of 7 g.

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FIBERS of Prof. Dr. Bozhidar Popov. Fiber is an optimally balanced food supplement with beneficial physiological effects.

Natural regulator of the gastrointestinal tract.

FIBERS of Prof. Dr. Bozhidar Popov Composition:

Psyllium fiber is a 100% natural product consisting of seed coats of white sand plantain (Plantago Psillium semenis husks)

Psyllium is an excellent source of fiber, which helps the normal functioning of the digestive system. About 70% of the fibers are soluble and form a jelly-like mucus that protects the walls of the stomach and intestines. They are not absorbed in the small intestine, but partially dissolve in the large intestine, acting as a sponge that absorbs water and waste in the intestine. It is especially important that soluble fiber slows down the glucose absorption (digestibility) of the small intestine, lowers blood sugar and lowers serum cholesterol and bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol). The remaining 30% are insoluble fibers that support intestinal peristalsis and support the work of the colon. Helps clear toxins to stay in the colon for too long.

A way of use FIBERS of Prof. Dr. Bozhidar Popov:

In the morning and evening before meals 1 sachet. Put the contents of one sachet in a glass of water and add 200 ml. water, fruit juice, yogurt or similar product, stir and consume immediately. Then drink another 300ml. liquid.

It is recommended that the evening intake be at least 1 hour before bedtime.

The full effect of Psyllium Fiber occurs on the second or third day and the intake must last at least one month to have full effect.

Suitable for adults and children over 12 years.