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FIBRAXINE x 15 sachets 6g, hemorrhoids pain, arabinogalactan

Alfa Wassermann

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FIBRAXINE x 15 sachets 6g, hemorrhoids pain, arabinogalactan

  • FIBRAXINE Hemorrhoids pain, arabinogalactan. The fiber in the form of arabinogalactan helps with constipation, diarrhea and pain associated with hemorrhoids. Absorbs water and helps bowel movements. Fibraxine, is a combination of fiber with lactoferrin - together support the physiological functioning of the intestines.

FIBRAXINE, hemorrhoids pain, arabinogalactan Ingredients:
arabinogalactan (from the bark of the Western larch), maltodextrin, l aktoferyna, anti-caking agent silicon dioxide, sweeteners: acesulfame K.

FIBRAXINE, hemorrhoids pain, arabinogalactan Action:
Dietary supplement Fibraxine supports the physiological bowel function at different levels. Excels at solving the problems of abnormal bowel function - mainly the problems with bowel. Precious fiber in the form of arabinogalactan, helps maintain the balance of intestinal flora and their proper operation. Fiber thanks to the valuable properties of absorption of water also helps to lose weight (under water swells and fills the stomach, reducing the feeling of hunger).

Delays also the point at which food leaves the stomach.Fibraxine, quell the problem of painful, irregular bowel movements. The agent may be safely used also in case of too frequent and too loose stools (a prebiotic), and in the case of both problems change. Lactoferrin in a formulation facilitates the growth of the natural microbial flora contributing to the health of the intestine. Dietary supplement Fibraxine is available in convenient single-dose sachets.

FIBRAXINE, hemorrhoids pain, arabinogalactan How to use:
The contents of the sachet should be dissolved in a liquid or add to yogurt. Then stir to dissolve completely. The product is best taken in the morning. Fibraxine contains 5g of fiber in one sachet therefore recommended to take 1 sachet a day.

FIBRAXINE x 15 sachets 6g, hemorrhoids pain, arabinogalactan فيبراكسين × 15 كيس 6 جرام، آلام البواسير، أرابينوجالاكتان