FIBRE with pineapple + CLA, how to lose weight quick


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FIBRE with pineapple + CLA x 100 tablets, how to lose weight quick

  • This is a 100% natural way to combat overweight and obesity treatment. By swelling in the stomach causes a feeling of satiety, moreover, improves bowel function and prevent constipation.


Composition FIBRE with pineapple + CLA, how to lose weight quick:

complex natural fiber (wheat, apple, oat), pineapple powder, linoleic acid - CLA


FIBRE with pineapple + CLA, how to lose weight quick Action:

Dietary fiber helps in the fight against obesity. It is the ideal way to lose weight, since they absorb water so that it swells and fills the stomach, reducing the feeling of hunger, and delaying the moment in which food leaving the stomach. Wandering through the gastrointestinal tract can practically unaltered all the way also absorbs water, thereby increasing the volume of fecal matter and accelerate the elimination of undigested residue to facilitate regular defecation. Additionally, it helps maintain a stable blood sugar level, as it delays the metabolism of carbohydrates by blocking access to glucose.
The addition of pineapple helps in weight loss, contains, as a unique set of enzymes and fruit acids, which accelerate the burning of fat.Bromelain is a key enzyme that regulates metabolism, helping to digest protein and cleanses the digestive tract. Its operation is supported by other components pineapple, especially vitamin C, which also dissolves grease and against free radicals, vitamins of the B group, which improve the efficiency of the body and the potassium is removed from the tissues of excess water and uric acid.

CLA (linoleic acid) by the action of thermogenic helps to reduce body fat by inhibiting the processes of formation and growth of fat cells, improves vitality, and increases energy reserves of the body.


FIBRE with pineapple + CLA, how to lose weight quick Dosage:

Before the main (3 times a day) meals after 2 - 3 tablets 30 minutes before a meal . The recommended dosage is 6 to 10 tablets a day.