FIGURETKA-MAX With L-carnitine tea 2.5gx 20 sachets, how to lose weight quickly

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  • Figuretka Max-L-carnitine is tea containing ingredients for aiding the control of body weight and adding energy to the body and gain.Figuretka includes: Pu-erh tea, hibiscus, wild rose, elderberry, lemon grass, yerba mate, psyllium, apple.

Pu-erh tea, hibiscus, rosehip fruit, elderberry, peel the apples, lemon grass, yerba mate (yerba mate), the seed of psyllium, L-carnitine.The content of individual plant ingredients: tea Pu-erh - 1,125 g, hibiscus flower - 1,125g, rosehip - 0,975g, the fruit of elderberry - 0.90 g, peel apples - 0.90 g, lemongrass - 0.90 g, yerba mate (yerba mate) - 0.75g, semen psyllium - 0,675g, L-carnitine - 0.15 g. Action: Figuretka-Max with L-carnitine is a herbal tea with an exceptionally rich composition, which is beneficial for weight control - hence recommended in weight loss diets - and affects regulate the process digestion and natural energy and well-being during or weakness.

How to use:
1 sachet tea pour in a cup of hot water, wait one minute. It is recommended that the infusion preparation to 3 times per day. Drink before eating. Do not exceed the recommended daily servings for consumption.