FINALGON Warming Ointment DUO 20 g (nicoboxil + nonivamid)

Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH

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Finalgon Warming Ointment DUO 4 mg / g + 25 mg / g ointment (nicoboxil + nonivamid)
Finalgon Ointment DUO Active ingredient: Nonivamid and Nicoboxil.

Finalgon Ointment (nicoboxil + nonivamid) Areas of application:
To promote blood circulation in the skin in the case of muscle and joint problems; to treat acute lower back pain with no evidence of neuropathic origin; to promote blood circulation in the skin prior to capillary blood sampling, e.g. B. from the earlobe or fingertip.

Finalgon Ointment (nicoboxil + nonivamid) For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
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