FINOCARBO Plus, embarrassing problem of gas, charcoal tablets


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FINOCARBO Plus x 20 capsules embarrassing problem of gas, charcoal tablets

  • The composition of natural extracts of cumin, fennel, chamomile, caraway and mint encapsulated Finocarbo Plus will help in a discreet way to deal with the embarrassing problem of gas.

Powdered fruit of fennel (Foeniculum vulgare), Charcoal, gelatin, lyophilized extract of chamomile flowers (Chamomilla recutita), powdered fruits of caraway (Carum carvi), powdered fruit of cumin (Cuminum cyminum), essential oil of fennel ( Foeniculum vulgare) essential oil of peppermint (Mentha piperita).

Action: capsules Finocarbo Plus is a set of natural plant extracts known for their properties wiatropędnych and support the digestive system. The carefully selected ingredients reinforce their action, so the effect is obtained easily and quickly. The presence of cumin, cumin, chamomile, mint, fennel and charcoal helps eliminate the problem of intestinal gas.

Finocarbo Plus recommended to the physiological elimination of intestinal gas.

Additional FINOCARBO Plus, embarrassing problem of gas, charcoal tablets information:
The present product charcoal can change the kinetics of absorption of certain drugs, if taken at the same time.
The content of 4 capsules: phytocomplex total of fennel fruit - 500mg
appointed to the essential oil content approx. 2% - 10mg, freeze-dried extract with chamomile flowers - 270mg appointed to the flavonoid content of apigenin derivatives of 1% - 2,7mg, charcoal - 416mg, phytocomplex total fruit caraway - 220mg, phytocomplex total of fennel fruit - 160mg, essential oils of fennel and mint equal to about 2.5 drops of essential oils - 50mg.

How to use FINOCARBO Plus, embarrassing problem of gas, charcoal tablets:
Take 2 capsules orally 1-2 times a day after meals, if the discomfort associated with digestion or interval of meal in other cases. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.