Fipronil AMFLEE for small dogs, cats 2-10kg

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Fipronil AMFLEE for small dogs, cats 2-10kg

Pack size:pc Dosage form:solution

Fipronil Amflee ® 67 mg spot-on solution for small dogs / - 134 mg spot-on solution for medium-sized dogs / - 268 mg spot-on solution for large dogs / - 402 mg spot-on solution for very large dogs.

Active ingredient: Fipronil.
Areas of application: For the treatment of flea (Ctenocephalides spp.) And tick infestations (Dermacentor reticulatus). For the treatment of hair lice (Trichodectes canis) in dogs. Most hair pieces are killed within 2 days. The insecticidal effect against renewed infestation with adult fleas is retained for up to 8 weeks. The veterinary medicinal product (TAM) has a persistent acaricidal effect of up to 3 weeks against Ixodes ricinus and up to 4 weeks against Rhipicephalus sanguineus and Dermacentor reticulatus. If ticks of certain species (Ixodes ricinus, Rhipicephalus sanguineus) are already present on the animal at the time the TAM is applied, it is possible that not all ticks will be killed within the first 48 hours. The TAM can be used as part of a treatment plan to control flea allergy dermatitis,

Warnings: Read the leaflet before use.

For Fipronil information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your veterinarian or pharmacist.

Amflee ® protection in the right place!
For the treatment and prevention of tick and flea infestations in dogs and cats.

Your advantages Fipronil at a glance:
• Long-term effectiveness against ticks in cats
• Safe and well tolerated
• Pleasant taste
• Easy to open and resealable
• User- and animal-friendly pipette
• Pipette without sharp edges

What is Fipronil Amflee ® ?
Fipronil Amflee ®by TAD Pharma is a contact anti-parasitic agent that is effective against ticks, fleas and lice in dogs and cats. Fipronil Amflee ® is easy to apply as a spot-on formulation thanks to the pipette. The pipette is optimized for direct application - without sharp edges. Alternatively, Amflee is also available as a practical spray. Fipronil Amflee ® is applied directly to the animal's skin every 4 weeks and works reliably and safely.

Who is Fipronil Amflee ® for?
Fipronil Amflee ® Spot-On can be used in puppies from the age of 2 months and / or a weight of 2 kg. For cats, Fipronil Amflee ® can be used from an age of 2 months and / or a weight of 1 kg . With Fipronil Amflee® Spray, dogs and kittens can be safely treated from 2 days. Fipronil Amflee ® should not be used on sick (eg systemic diseases, fever, etc.) or convalescent animals.

How often should Fipronil Amflee ® be used?
For optimal effectiveness against flea and / or tick infestations, Fipronil Amflee ® should be used every 4 weeks. As part of a treatment plan for flea allergy dermatitis, monthly applications for the allergic animal and other animals living in the household are also recommended.

Fipronil Amflee ® works purely through contact, is safe and well tolerated.
Fipronil Amflee ®contains the proven active ingredient fipronil. This active ingredient acts selectively in the nervous system of parasites and is harmless to humans, dogs and cats.
Fipronil Amflee ® is only distributed over the surface of the skin and works purely through contact, which means that fleas, ticks or haircuts do not have to bite for Amflee ® to work . In contrast to other flea and tick remedies, Fipronil Amflee ® does not pose any dangers for the animal, such as getting caught in the tick collar and injuring itself.
Fleas are killed within 24 hours. Ticks are usually killed 48 hours after contact with fipronil. If ticks (Rhipicephalus sanguineus) are already present on the animal at the time of application of the veterinary medicinal product, they should be removed.

Amflee ® Spot-On:
User- and animal-friendly pipette Amflee ® Spot-On is available in a particularly user- and animal-friendly pipette: It is easy to open without scissors and resealable. Thanks to the smooth surface, the pipette has no sharp edges that could damage the animal's skin. The pipettes are available in different sizes, tailored to the body weight of the animal. They allow precise and economical dosing.

• Hold the pipette upright, twist and pull off the cap.
• Turn the cap over and put the other end back on the pipette.
• Squeeze and twist the cap until the lock breaks. Then remove the cap from the pipette.
• Part the fur of the animal between the shoulder blades so that the skin is visible. Place the pipette tip on the skin and squeeze the pipette several times to empty the contents in 1 or 2 places directly on the skin. When removing from the skin, the pipette should be kept pressed so that the solution is not sucked in again.

Spray the entire body of the animal, applying the solution at a distance of about 10 to 20 cm against the grain of the hair and make sure that the entire fur of the animal is completely damp. Set up the fur, especially with long-haired animals, so that the colorless solution can penetrate to the skin.
For the treatment of the head region and for the treatment of young or nervous pets, the application can be carried out by spraying on a gloved hand and rubbing the solution into the fur. Do not rub dry, let dry naturally.

Da Amflee ®a contact poison does not prevent ticks from getting on the animal. If the animal was treated before an infestation, the ticks will be killed in the first 24-48 hours after the infestation. The killing usually takes place before the blood is sucked. As soon as the ticks are killed, they generally fall off the animal, remaining ticks can be removed with a gentle pull.
As soon as temperatures rise above 6 ° C, the risk of tick infestation is particularly high and the ticks actively crawl through the undergrowth. From this they let themselves be stripped onto their animal and crawl through the coat towards the skin. To prevent tick infestation, your dog or cat should be carefully checked for ticks after every walk or outdoors.

A flea infestation has nothing to do with inadequate grooming or hygiene! Encounters with wild animals or infected conspecifics are usually sufficient for a flea infestation. The first signs of a flea infestation can be that your pet scratches itself, reddening of the skin or hair loss occurs.
A single female specimen of the wingless insect lays up to 50 eggs per day and lives for about 4 months. These eggs trickle out of the fur wherever dogs or cats move. In only three to four weeks they have developed into adult fleas, which in turn reproduce. With a "blood meal" the parasite can survive for up to 2 months and fleas find ideal reproductive conditions in your apartment: Upholstered furniture and carpeting are ideal for explosive reproduction. And this all year round.
It is possible that after a short period of use you will still discover fleas that have developed again from the 1st generation. Effective control of a flea infestation usually requires at least 3 months of continuous treatment. For optimal control of the flea problem in a household with several animals, all dogs and cats should be treated with Amflee ® .

your pet with Amflee ® within two days of applicationnot, not even with special dog shampoo. Adhere to the treatment interval: there is a risk of parasite infestation all year round! Ticks are already active from low temperatures and fleas even all year round. Please always pay attention to the correct pipette size. If in doubt, always use the next larger pipette to ensure a sufficient dosage.

Warning notice: For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your veterinarian or pharmacist.