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  • The first aid kit Apteo Care travel kit contains all the necessary tools for professional treatment of wounds and cuts! Such a set is a must-have not only on a daily basis, but primarily during trips and hiking trips.

Apteo Care first aid kit included:

Apteo Care knitted support band 4m x 5cm - 1 pc, Apteo Care support knitted band 4m x 10cm - 1 pc, woven elastic band with Apteo Care clip 5m x 10cm - 1 pc, cloth patch with Apteo Care 1m x 6cm - 1 pc. , sterile gauze swabs Apteo Care 5cm x 5cm - 1 pack, non-woven adhesive Apteo Care 5m x 2.5cm - 1 pc, Apteo Care disinfection swabs - 4 pcs, sterile dressing gauze Apteo Care 1m2 - 1 pc, diagnostic gloves, latex, powdered Apteo Care - 1 pair, scissors - 1 pc

Operation and use Apteo Care first aid kit:

Medical device Apteo Care first aid kit should be found in every home as a supplement to your first aid kit, and certainly should be in your backpack when traveling! The set consists of products and utensils that will allow you to dress wounds and cuts as well as minor injuries. Each product is packaged separately. Everything is closed in a practical and durable case.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against moisture and light. The disposable diagnostic gloves included in the kit are made of natural rubber latex. This material may have an allergenic effect and may even cause anaphylactic reactions.

Directions for use Apteo Care first aid kit:

Products contained in the first-aid kit should be used as intended.