FIT-BARF fruit for dog, cat 350 g Aronia, apple, strawberry

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FIT-BARF fruit for dogs, cats, dog, cat, Aronia, apple, strawberry

Fit-BARF Fruit 100g

Fit-BARF Fruit is grain-free and a healthy alternative to vegetables. It not only brings variety, but also balance to the Barf feeding plan.
Fit-BARF fruit is made from selected ingredients to better enable a balanced diet when fed raw. It supplements the need for vitamins (niacin, riboflavin (B2), folic acid, E, A, K, C), flavonoids (polyphenols) and fiber. In combination with Fit-BARF MicroMineral, the basis for healthy barf is laid.

FIT-BARF fruit for dogs, cats, Aronia, apple, strawberry Complementary

feed for dogs and cats 


FIT-BARF fruit for dogs, cats, Aronia, apple, strawberry Composition:

Aronia pomace, apple pomace 20.5%, strawberry pomace, black currant pomace, rose hip peel, malt sprouts, brewer's yeast