FIT-BARF mineral powder for dogs, cats 300 g

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FIT-BARF mineral powder for dogs, cats

For the needs-based calcium supply of dogs and cats when fed raw. Daily supply of minerals, trace elements and vitamins plus extra calcium from eggshells

Minerals and trace elements are indispensable building blocks of the body. Calcium intake in particular plays a major role in raw feeding. This can only be achieved through adequate bone feeding. Not every dog ​​can or wants to eat bones and feeding whole prey animals (mice or chicks) is not always problem-free for cats. Due to the high proportion of eggshell powder, Fit-BARF Mineral offers an easily usable animal calcium source for daily feeding.

An optimal supply of minerals and trace elements supports the physiological organ functions and metabolic processes and is a prerequisite for a healthy life. Mineral feed supplement

for dogs and cats

FIT-BARF mineral powder for dogs, cats Composition: Eggshell powder, algae lime, algae, brewer's yeast, malt germ, grape seeds extracted

FIT-BARF mineral powder for dogs, cats Analytical components and contents: crude ash 69.0%, crude fiber 4.0%, crude protein 7.5%, crude fat 1.0%, calcium 27, 0%, phosphorus <0.25%, sodium 0.5%

FIT-BARF mineral powder for dogs, cats Feeding recommendation: Dogs: mix 1 measuring spoon per 10kg body weight into the meat daily; Cats: Mix ½ measuring spoon daily into the meat.

1 measuring spoon corresponds to approx. 1.6g