FIT-BARF Safe complete powder for dogs, cats 350 g

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Supplementary feed with vitamins and minerals for dogs and cats

Fit-BARF® Safe-Complete serves to safeguard the diet with simple, natural and near-natural nutritional conditions for dogs and is therefore a natural feed supplement to protect against gross feeding deficiencies.

Fit-BARF® Safe-Complete is particularly easy to administer: simply mix and feed like "breadcrumbs" with raw feed or natural leftover food. Offer enough water.

Fit-BARF® Safe-Complete is intended for 2 areas:
Securing the feeding when feeding larger amounts of leftover food

In many households (in many countries), leftovers (especially meat) are still - or again - being fed to dogs for various reasons. Either out of conviction or simply because of the limited financial resources.

It is fed from the table or leftover poultry, lamb, beef, etc.

From a naturopathic point of view, this is not always optimal, but it is still better than stressing animals with the cheapest chemical feed (expensive chemical feed is sometimes even more mixed with harmful chemicals).

The problem is usually not the home-made feed itself (this is a myth that is often spread by ready-made feed suppliers), but the risk of malnutrition in various areas.

Here a possibility is simply required to supplement the feeding efficiently and simply and as safely as possible in such a way that the risk of deficiency symptoms is massively reduced and glaring deficiency situations can be effectively ruled out.

cdVet uses the knowledge and experience to secure this type of feeding considerably and to make it healthier through the specially designed recipe in an economical way.

Protection of BARF® rations

BARF®en is not really that complicated.

You can calculate rations or use common sense to feed them raw as balanced as possible.

cdVet has made it its principle to help optimize every form of natural feeding, as this effectively serves animal welfare.

Many do not deal in depth with the depth of the BARF® knowledge, but want to feed completely or at least partially raw, since raw feeding corresponds to the biological nature of the diet of dogs.

The principle of feeding as versatile as possible is very helpful.

The protection in the area of ​​trace and micronutrients and the protection in the calcium area, which does not cause any problems in the event of an unintentional certain oversupply, is particularly difficult.

To that is fit BARF® Safe Complete aligned.

  • supplements the need for vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • purely natural
  • without fillers
  • easy to use

Algae lime, organic grass, herb and legume plants 12% *, linseed, apple pomace, parsnip powder, aronia pomace, black currant pomace, brewer's yeast, eggshell powder, peat, organic sunflower cake 5% *, malt germ, carrot pomace, seaweed flour, grape seed extracted, Celery, organic moringa 1% *

* from controlled organic cultivation DE-ÖKO-001 EU and non-EU agriculture

Analytical components and contents:
raw ash 24.7%. Crude protein 11.0%, crude fat 6.4%, crude fiber 13.2%, calcium 8.46%, phosphorus 0.29%, sodium 0.14%, ash insoluble in salicic acid 2.6%

recommendation : Dogs give 1 level measuring spoon per 10kg body weight daily over the food. 1 level measuring spoon corresponds to approx. 5g