FIT-BARF sensitive powder for dogs, cats 100 g Jerusalem artichoke

Jerusalem artichoke

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FIT-BARF sensitive powder for dogs, cats Jerusalem artichoke

Fit-BARF Jerusalem artichoke Sensitive 100g

Fit-BARF Sensitive is a grain-free alternative and brings not only variety, but also balance to the barf feeding plan.
Fit-BARF Sensitive is made from selected ingredients to enable a balanced diet when fed raw. In combination with Fit-BARF MicroMineral, the basis for healthy barf is laid. Of course, Fit-Crock Classic and Fit-Crock Sensitive can still be used for “partial baring”. This mixture is also ideal for creating diet plans (pancreas, kidney, liver, reduction diets, etc.).

Complementary feed for dogs and cats with Jerusalem artichoke

Composition: Jerusalem artichoke, ground carrots, beetroot, linseed, black cumin seeds, malt sprouts, brewer's yeast, nettle herb, birch leaf, milk thistle herb, dandelion herb, dandelion root