FITOLIZYNA NEFROCAPS x 30 capsules, kidney stones, urinary tract infection

Herbapol Lublin

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  • Kidney stones, urinary tract infection. FITOLIZYNA NEFROCAPS is a natural dietary supplement which supports the function of the kidneys and the urinary system, so that it has diuretic properties and removes toxic substances from the body.

2 capsules. Include: parsley root 110 mg, elderflower, horsetail herb 90 mg, 90 mg lovage root, oat herb 90 mg, flower elderberry 90 mg, leaf blackcurrant 90 mg.

The preparation belongs to the group of dietary supplements that work based on natural ingredients. Parsley root, leaf of black currant, horsetail herb lovage root and positively affect the function of the urinary tract and kidneys. Horsetail herb, lovage root, elderflower and blackcurrant leaves have diuretic properties that allow you to eliminate from the body of unwanted waste products.

Use the preparation in order to support the functioning of the urinary tract and kidneys.

For oral use. Take a dose of 1-2 caps. X 2/24 before eating (drinking plenty of water).