FITOLOR PANTENOL nasal spray 50ml Phytolor Panthenol


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Phytolor Panthenol is a convenient and easy to use nasal spray. It is an isotonic solution of sea salt with Ca-D-pantothenate. FITOLOR PANTENOL nasal spray

Suitable for children and adults.

Regenerates and moisturizes the nasal mucosa.

It is suitable for colds of various origins, irritated mucous membranes, dry and stuffy nose, for hygiene of the nasal cavity, for rinsing the nasal cavities before applying nasal drops, etc.

FITOLOR PANTENOL nasal spray Act:

• improves the epithelialization of the irritated or damaged mucosa

• reduces the likelihood of upper respiratory tract infections

• restores the natural moisture of the nasal mucosa, its ability to self-clean and regenerate, protecting it from drying and irritation

FITOLOR PANTENOL nasal spray Application:

Phytolor panthenol is suitable for use in the following cases:

  • for daily hygiene of the nasal cavities
  • to improve the epithelialization of the damaged nasal mucosa (after application of vasoconstrictors)
  • with a stuffy nose due to a viral or allergic cold
  • for people who have a dried or irritated mucosa with impaired physiological function and who are prone to dryness of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract; when traveling or staying in rooms with central heating or air conditioning
  • immediately before applying nasal drops to wash the nasal cavities and improve the contact of the drops with the mucosa
  • in case of irritation of the skin around the nose due to frequent blowing
  • after piercing

FITOLOR PANTENOL nasal spray Composition:

1 ml spray contains 20mg Ca-D-pantothenate and 9mg sea salt. Solvent: purified water. Contains preservative: benzalkonium chloride 0.1mg / ml.

A way of use FITOLOR PANTENOL nasal spray:

Adults and children over 1 year: 1-2 injections in each nostril several times a day.

Children under 1 year: 1 injection in each nostril several times a day.

No data are available on the harmful effects of Phytolor panthenol spray during pregnancy and lactation.

It has very good tolerability. - Nemokamas lankytojų skaitliukas