FITTYDENT Super Adhesive Cream 40 g

Roha Arzneimittel GmbH

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FITTYDENT Super Adhesive Cream
The only water-insoluble adhesive cream in the world

  • Water-insoluble adhesive cream
  • Sticks instead of sticking
  • Suitable for upper and lower jaw prostheses

The only FITTYDENT water-insoluble adhesive cream
Sticks instead of just sticking - for a whole day! For full and partial dentures,

fittydent is insoluble in water. Therefore, the long-lasting adhesive effect not only fixes the upper jaw prosthesis perfectly, but is also particularly suitable for the saliva-rich lower jaw. fittydent gives you the security to start your day carefree, to talk and laugh freely, to eat and drink without any problems. Economical to use - only once a day.

fittydent super adhesive cream:
  • The only water-insoluble adhesive cream
  • Sticks instead of just sticking - for a whole day
  • No rinsing out by eating or drinking
  • No slipping or shifting of the prosthesis
  • Protects against food residues under the prosthesis
  • Unflavoured - without coloring or flavoring
  • zinc free

  • How does the fittydent adhesive effect work? Conventional adhesives are water-soluble and work according to the "suction principle". The saliva between the prosthesis and jaw is thickened, the prosthesis only adheres to the jaw. Similar to two wet panes that adhere to one another but float movably on a film of liquid, the dental prosthesis can shift or even detach from the jaw.

    fittydent is insoluble in water and works on the "chewing gum principle". fittydent sticks instead of just sticking. The two panes can neither be separated nor moved - they stick together firmly. That means: a secure hold and no shifting or slipping. For a chewing gum to stick to a surface, it must be dry. Therefore fittydent consists of two components. One of them first absorbs the moisture from the oral mucosa and ensures a dry surface. The other component ensures the long-lasting "adhesive effect".
    The adhesive cream is insoluble in water, but, like chewing gum, absorbs liquid and slowly becomes softer. At a certain stage, the adhesive effect changes into an adhesive effect. The prosthesis can now be easily removed. Accordingly, the duration of sticking also depends on the amount of adhesive cream used.

    Ingredients: Polyvinylacetate, Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose, Alcohol, Triacetin, Paraffinum Liquidum, Silica

    Storage at room temperature!
    Keep out of the reach of children.