FITTYDENT Super adhesive pads Comfort 20 pc

Roha Arzneimittel GmbH

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FITTYDENT Super Adhesive Inserts Comfort
The perfect solution for patients with a flat and / or narrow lower jaw

The situation in the lower jaw area differs significantly from the upper jaw area:
  • The contact area is much smaller.
  • The tongue moves the lower jaw prosthesis.
  • The salivation is much more intense. The lower jaw prosthesis is constantly in a moist environment.

FITTYDENT Super adhesive pads Comfort:

Consequently, the requirements for a denture adhesive are particularly high.
fittydent Super adhesive inserts guarantee a secure and firm hold of the lower
denture, even in the most difficult cases of dental prosthetics. Since the adhesive inserts are insoluble in water, they are also particularly suitable for patients with heavy salivation.