FIXSIN Basic set for rinsing the nose and sinuses 1 bottle + 10 sachets


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  • FIXSIN washing nasal and sinus consists of a device, bottle washing the nose and sinuses and set sachets. Each sachet contains the solute, sodium chloride, intended for the preparation of the solution used to rinse the nose and sinuses.

Set FIXSIN clears and cleans your nose and sinuses with excessive mucus secretion and residual thus limiting the accumulation of factors affecting the formation of infection.

Indications: The
set is recommended to be used for preventive, symptomatic and post-operative care of the nose and sinuses, especially in the case of:
• sinusitis
• rhinitis of various origins
• before and after surgery of the nose and sinuses
• for the hygiene of the nose and sinuses Includes: FIXSIN set for rinsing the nose and sinuses includes: - 1 bottle (vol. 240ml) - 10 FIXSIN sachets of powder for solution (2.15 g each)