FIXSIN set Supplementary to rinse nasal and sinus x 30 sachets, sinus rinse


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  • FIXSIN extension to rinse nose and sinuses contains 30 sachets FIXSIN of powder for solution (2.15 g each). In our pharmacy you buy, you also set the base of the bottle.

100% sodium chloride.

This product is intended for topical use contains saline. The kit includes the device, a bottle to rinse the nose and sinuses and set pods. With the sodium chloride of preparation is characterized by the action of moisturizing and cleansing (with excessive mucus secretion and residual) to the nasal sinuses. Checks in case of inflammation of the sinuses, runny nose, as well as in the framework of hygiene.

- completely blocked nasal septum
- ear infection
- hypersensitivity to sodium chloride

Use for treatment or tempering of the nasal and sinus mucosa, especially in the case of sinusitis, rhinitis, before and after surgery of the nose and sinuses and in the hygiene.

Apply topically to rinse.