FLEXITOL, dry feet, cracked feet, diabetic foot

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FLEXITOL 56g, dry feet, cracked feet, diabetic foot

  • FLEXITOL contains 25% urea in a highly moisturizing and softening ointment base. Ointment is intended for the care of dry, calloused and cracking feet. The agent can be used by diabetics in the care of diabetic foot.


FLEXITOL, dry feet, cracked feet, diabetic foot Composition:

25% urea


FLEXITOL, dry feet, cracked feet, diabetic foot Action:

Flexitol ointment effectively moisturizes the hard, dry and cracked skin of the heels and feet. Ideally suited for use by people with diabetes, who are particularly at risk of developing diseases and inflammation of the skin of the feet. The specially formulated ointment formula contains 25% of chemically synthesized urea in a highly concentrated, moisturizing preparation base. The combination of softening ingredients in the ointment allows excellent hydration even in the deep layers of the skin. With the use of Flexitol, the appearance and health of the skin on the feet will improve significantly after a few days.

How to use FLEXITOL, dry feet, cracked feet, diabetic foot:
Apply twice a day, morning and evening, on dry, cracked heels and feet. After improvement, continue to use to maintain positive results. The product is recommended only for adult skin care. In the case of deeply cracked skin pinching may occur.