FLEXITOL Lip Balm 10g, organic lip balm, lip moisturizer

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  • FLEXITOL Lip Balm is a moisturizing and emollient cosmetic. It stimulates restorative processes and eliminates the unpleasant feeling of dryness. It makes the skin soft and extremely smooth.

Vaseline, glycerol stearate, docosan-1-ol, palmitic acid, stearic acid, lecithin, lauryl alcohol, myristyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, water, cocoa butter, lanolin, urea, cetyl esters of higher fatty tłuszczwych, camphor, menthol methylparaben, butylated, hydroxyanisole, essential oil from the leaves of clove Eugenia caryophyllus, sucralose, propyl paraben, fragrance

Balsam thanks to the composition of the relevant components of a beneficial effect on the appearance of the lips. It contains 2.5% of urea, which functions keratolytic and removes dead skin cells, allowing the penetration of the emollient into the deeper layers and their hydration. Vaseline coated lips tight protective layer. Menthol works as a substance with analgesic activity, so that neutralizes the discomfort associated with xerostomia.

- Hypersensitivity to the preparation ingredients Indications: Lotion should be used to moisturize skin mouth (eg. Anhydrase in the presence or use of drugs with strong action desiccant).

How to use:
Apply externally applying lotion on the skin of the lips. Repeat the process if necessary.