FLINT Med mosquito stick

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flint ® Med mosquito stick 

pack size:2ml Dosage form:gel

The proven traditional brand flint ® has been around for over 30 years. The mosquito stick made in Germany is ideal for the home and first-aid kit. Thanks to its practical size, it fits in every pocket and small skin irritations are taken care of on the go, be it for small children or adults. The flint ® MED mosquito stick soothes the skin and cools itching after mosquito bites as well as skin irritation caused by stinging jellyfish and nettles. Unpleasant irritations of the skin are calmed and cared for. Ideal for on the go and when travelling. The stick is suitable for children from the age of 1 and contains plant-based ingredients.


FLINT Med mosquito stick  Advantages:

• Selected herbal ingredients with herbal extracts from buckhorn, chamomile, yarrow and daisies
• Precise dosage using an applicator
pen • Soothes and cools the skin in case of irritation
• Simple, fast and effective
• Also suitable for children from 1 year
• Handy size and therefore easy for every activity to carry in your pocket
• Quality product from Germany
• For up to 60 applications


FLINT Med mosquito stick:


Plant-based ingredients:
The flint ® MED
mosquito stick contains
valuable plant -based
plantain, chamomile,
yarrow and
which contribute to
rapid relief

For children from 1 year
flint ® MED mosquito stick
is for the whole
family. Even the
youngest can be plagued by
skin irritation after
mosquito bites or contact with
nettles . The flint ® MED mosquito stick provides relief.

Practical applicator
pen Easy application and
clean treatment of
skin irritations. The
applicator pin is
only turned and the
liquid is applied to
the appropriate
Very practical to store in
any pocket

For 50 to 60 uses.