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FLINT MED spray plaster

Kyberg Pharma Vertriebs GmbH

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FLINT MED spray plaster

Pack size:50mlDosage form:spray

FLINT MED spray plaster

flint ® Med spray plaster
The tried and tested traditional brand has been around for over 30 years. The plaster spray, manufactured in Germany, is ideal for home and travel first-aid kits. Superficial wounds are quickly covered by the transparent spray film and the wound is protected from dirt, viruses and bacteria. Thanks to its practical size, it fits in every pocket and small wounds can be treated on the go, be it on the beach, on the mountain or while doing sports.

• Waterproof, therefore also ideal for hands
• Adheres to areas of skin that are difficult to cover, e.g. B. Joints, hairy areas
• Elastic and stretchy protective film thanks to natural castor oil.
• Hygienic application, the plaster spray can be applied with one hand
• Transparent & breathable
• Quality product from Germany
• Practical family size, for up to 80 applications

FLINT MED spray plasterFLINT MED spray plaster
Waterproof & breathable
Whether in the shower,
washing your hands,
by the sea or during
sweaty sports,
the flint spray plaster
stays in place
and is waterproof, but
still breathable.
The plaster spray with
natural castor oil
to your needs and
follows your every movement
. It also adheres
areas of skin that are difficult to cover, such as
joints, hairy
areas, etc.
Fast &
invisible protection

Easy to use and
quick closure of
superficial wounds.
Dirt, viruses and bacteria
no longer have a chance
to penetrate the wound

Family pack with up to 80 applications.