FLORADIX HERBAL BLOOD - Herbal-fruit elixir with iron 500 ml.

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Naturally strengthening and building agent, produced from selected fruits and herbs rich in vitamins and minerals.

FLORADIX Herbal Blood has been tested as a natural reinforcing and building agent in periods of increased need for iron. The product is very suitable for people with symptoms of iron anemia, as well as people on strict diets, unbalanced diet, as well as vegetarians and vegans. It is very suitable for active athletes with heavy physical activity, because in addition to ensuring muscle tone, it provides easily digestible iron. The herbal-fruit tonic is a great tonic for periods of recovery after a serious illness, surgery and others. It is also suitable for women with heavier menstruation, which leads to iron deficiency. Highly recommended, pure, natural product, rich in iron during pregnancy and lactation. Suitable for children over 3 years old. All-natural product - no added sugar, no sweeteners, no preservatives, alcohol-free. Produced from selected fruits and herbs rich in vitamins and minerals, which take into account primarily iron-containing herbs and fruits.

FLORADIX HERBAL BLOOD Iron is actually one of the very important and essential elements in the body.

Iron is a component of hemoglobin, and it is the element of red blood cells, thanks to which every tissue or organ in the body receives its vital oxygen. Iron is a component of a number of enzymes and proteins; plays a key role in the growth processes in the body; prevents fatigue - tissues that do not receive oxygen quickly fall into a state of fatigue; has a direct bearing on muscle strength and endurance and good physical shape, as it is involved in the synthesis of myoglobin - "muscle hemoglobin" - the oxygen-transporting structure in skeletal muscle and heart muscle. Herbal extracts are added to the herbal

-fruit formula of FLORADIX Herbal Bloodspecially selected to strengthen the stomach and digestion such as dill. In addition to good digestion, in order to be absorbed, iron must be taken simultaneously with some other elements, the most basic being vitamin C, as well as cobalt, copper and manganese.

The uniqueness of this product is the combination of fruit juices with herbal extracts that stimulate digestion and thus ensure maximum absorption of iron.

All fruit juices selected in the formula help maintain the hematopoietic organs, and iron itself is in an easily digestible form - iron gluconate of organic origin.

Part of the fruits and plants used in Floradix Herbal Blood are: red beets, blackberries, cherries, raisins, oranges, as well as vegetables such as nettles, spinach, carrots. Brown algae contain minerals that help absorb iron. Green leafy vegetables and beets are rich in manganese, green leafy vegetables, cherries and carrots are a source of honey. Blackberries and hibiscus are rich in vitamin C. Dill maintains good digestion. The selection of herbs that enhances digestion has two main roles - one is the role of good digestion in the maximum absorption of iron and the second - the avoidance of constipation, a common side effect of iron supplements. Beetroot juice is one of the most recommended foods for anemia. It does not contain much iron, but it is still involved in the reproduction of red blood cells. Vitamin C, as well as fruit acids come from carefully selected fruit juices, especially vitamin C we have in large quantities of hibiscus, blackberries, raisins, lemons, oranges and especially rosehip extract. Wheat germ and yeast are a source of amino acids, B vitamins.

Another very valuable quality of Floradix Herbal Blood is its liquid form - it practically does not burden the digestion and the really useful substances and iron are absorbed much easier by the body, reach the blood faster, and from there to all organs and systems. This also makes it possible not to use thickeners and hardeners in the product. Concentrates and extracts are in their natural liquid form - not processed.

Recommendation for use:


Take 10 ml (1/2 beaker) twice a day in pure form, before meals (breakfast and dinner) best chilled or dissolved in vegetable (fruit juices).

Children between 6 - 12 years:

10 ml (1/2 beaker) once a day.

Children between 6 months - 5 years:

5 ml (1/4 beaker) once a day.

Herbal-fruit elixir with iron Ingredients:

54% aqueous extract of: carrots, nettles, spinach, heather roots, angelica roots, dill, brown algae, mallow blossom, orange peel.

Mixture of fruit concentrates (29,%) of: pears, red grapes, raisins, blackberries, cherries, oranges, red beets.

Aqueous extract of yeast, honey (3.8%), aqueous thick extract of rose hips with 4% vitamin C, iron gluconate, wheat germ extract, vitamin C, natural flavors, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, maltodextrin.

in 100 ml

% Traffic rules

in 10 ml

% Traffic rules

Energy value

419 kJ / 101 kcal

42 kJ / 10 kcal


0.2 gr

0.02 gr


24.4 gr

2.44 gr


0 gr

0 gr

Iron (II)

75 mg


7.5 mg


Vitamin B1

8 mg


0.8 mg


Vitamin B2

9 mg


0.9 mg


Vitamin B6

4 mg


0.4 mg


Vitamin B12





Vitamin C

100 mg


10 mg


Herbal-fruit elixir with iron Contraindications: diabetes, individual intolerance to the ingredients.

After opening, the product must be stored in the refrigerator, because due to the natural ingredients, fruit juices and lack of preservatives, the syrup ferments in a warm place. Used within 4 weeks.

Do not drink directly from the bottle. Use the measuring cap to avoid the introduction of bacteria that can lead to fermentation.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose

Nutritional supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet.