FLUORMEX dental fluid 50 ml


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  • FLUORMEX. The anti-caries and remineralizing properties of Fluormex dental fluid will help maintain healthy and strong teeth. A high content of amine fluoride helps to fight off unwanted bacteria that damage tooth enamel.

Active substance: fluoride in the form of aminofluorides. 1g of fluid contains 133 mg of aminofluorides, which is 10 mg of active fluorine (10,000 ppm).
Other ingredients: glycerol, purified water, taste and smell improving substance (mint flavor).

Fluormex dental fluid was created to ensure the proper condition of the teeth. The high content of aminofluorides contributes to the impairment of vital functions of bacteria in the oral cavity. Thanks to this, the amount of acids secreted by microbes is reduced, which slows down the enamel degradation process. In addition, the fluid has a remineralizing effect, which helps to supplement microdamages in tooth enamel.

Fluormex dental fluid recommended for contact fluoridation of teeth, especially in the prevention of dental caries, in the case of underdevelopment of hard tooth tissues, hypersensitivity of dental necks, enamel decalcification, tooth surface sensitivity caused by apparatuses and prostheses and correction of occlusion bite. The product is intended for adults and children over 5 years of age.

Additional information:
Do not use in regions where the concentration of fluoride in water exceeds 0.7 mg / l, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of the product, use another preparation with high fluoride content, during pregnancy and during breastfeeding. Use up to 10 times a year. Exercise caution in children under the age of 9. The use of fluoride for a long time may cause so-called macular glaze.

Adverse reaction:
Exceeding the daily fluoride dose may cause symptoms of acute fluoride poisoning: nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, salivation, tearing, weakness, tetany, dyspnea, headache, pressure drop, arrhythmia, ventricular fibrillation, respiratory and metabolic acidosis, paralysis breathing and cardiac arrest.

Directions for use: Use the
liquid under the supervision of a dentist. During the year, perform one series of treatments, ie: use the liquid every 2 weeks, a total of 5-10 times (1 brushing every 2 weeks for 10-20 weeks). It is necessary to remove tartar before fluoridation.
Brushing: 6-9 drops of liquid applied to the brush and brush your teeth for 3 minutes. Children under the age of 9 should be supervised while using the liquid. Do not swallow the liquid.
Rubbing: 0.5-1 ml of the liquid applied on a cotton swab, carefully rubbed into the dried surface of the teeth. Shed saliva. Do not drink or eat after the treatment for 30 minutes.