FOB Test fecal occult blood 1pc


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Fob Test Fecal occult blood is used for self-monitoring for the prevention of colorectal cancer. The test has a sensitivity of 40ng hemoglobin in 1ml extraction solution. The test is easy to do yourself.

Faecal occult blood in the Fob Test kit:

Aluminum sealed envelope, in it: test plate - 1 pc, desiccant; container with diluent and with applicator for stool sampling - 1 item; test execution instructions.

Action Fob Test Faecal occult blood:

Fob Test Faecal occult blood is a medical device intended for self-testing. It detects occult blood in feces, its sensitivity determines 40ng hemoglobin in 1ml extraction solution. Due to the fact that it only detects human hemoglobin, there is no need to maintain a special diet before the test. The test has laboratory accuracy, the result appears after 5 minutes. The occult blood test is an important tool in the prevention of colorectal cancer.

Medical device Fob Test Fecal occult blood intended for self-testing for fecal occult blood. Recommended mainly for people who observe symptoms characteristic of colon diseases.

Additional information:
The product should be stored out of reach of children at room temperature. Do not freeze. It is recommended to protect against moisture and light. Single use product. Do not use if the foil envelope is damaged.

How to use the Fob Occult Blood Test:

For external use only. Before performing the test, read the instructions for using the test. Collecting the sample: collect the stool sample with the applicator attached to the container - screw the tip of the applicator to a depth of about 1 cm in three places of the tested stool. It should be remembered that the feces should cover the applicator with a thin layer, too much feces may distort the test result. Put the applicator in a container with the extraction solution and shake vigorously. Carrying out the test: lay a test plate on a horizontal surface (after opening the aluminum envelope, the test must be carried out within an hour). Apply 3 drops of solution to the test plate (round window). Wait 5 minutes and read the result. The result read after more than 10 minutes is invalid. After the test and reading the result, pour the remains from the stool sample container into the toilet, throw all test items into the bin. Interpretation of the result: negative - only the control band C appears in the window (there is no occult blood in the stool); positive result - two bands (colored pink) appear in the window, i.e. control band C and test band T (occult blood was detected in the feces). Invalid result - only the T-test band appears or no line appears.