FOLIC ACID 400mcg x 90 tablets


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FOLIC ACID 400mcg x 90 tablets

  • FOLIC ACID is one of dietary supplements, which complement the maternal folate levels, prevent the formation of neural tube birth defects in children.

1 tablet contains microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, folic acid 400 mcg.

Response: Use of the dietary supplement can supplement the mother folic acid levels, which primarily prevents the formation and development of neural tube defects in children. Folic acid is involved in the synthesis of purine compounds, pyrimidine, and part of the amino acids. It also participates in the process of cell division.

The product is recommended to take in order to supplement the body's levels of folic acid, especially by women planning pregnancies, being pregnant or that are lactating.

Use 1 tabl./24h before the period of 4 weeks.