ForMeds PRENACAPS Ferr C, fumarate iron, l ascorbic acid


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Fumarate iron, l ascorbic acid, ForMeds PRENACAPS Ferr C 60 capsules

PRENACAPS ferr C is a combination of 28 mg of iron with vitamin C, which increases its absorption.
The product is recommended when trying for a baby, during pregnancy and breastfeeding. PRENACAPS ferr C has been tested for its constituent content, microbiology and heavy metals.

The Polish Gynecological Society recommends iron supplementation in women who can be expected to be deficient in this nutrient in the future. When planning pregnancy, the recommended daily dose is approx. 18 mg, during pregnancy - 28 mg, and during breastfeeding - approx. 20 mg. Before starting iron supplementation, estimate the total consumption of this nutrient from all sources, primarily other supplementation. This is important especially in early pregnancy, when there is a risk of adverse effects of too high doses of iron on the developing embryo.

RECOMMENDED fumarate iron, l ascorbic acid  DAILY AMOUNT

1 capsule contains (nutrient reference value%):
Iron (iron fumarate) - 28 mg (200%),
Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) - 420 mg (525%).

Fumarate iron, l ascorbic acid  INGREDIENTS

Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), iron (iron fumarate), pullulan (capsule shell).