FORMOLINE high protein diet powder 480 g

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formoline high protein diet Would

you like to lose weight and feel good at the same time ? Then formoline protein diet is exactly what you have been looking for! Now replace one or more meals with a delicious protein drink that provides your body with all-round valuable vital substances. What is special about the formoline protein diet?

  • Best price performance ratio**
  • Outstanding 84% protein content
  • Low in lactose
  • Saturates for hours *
  • Lots of great preparation options
  • Best price performance ratio**

Outstanding 84% protein content  
        The formoline protein diet contains 84%, an exceptionally high protein content based on soy and whey protein. It is thus well above the values ​​of the main competitor **. The formoline protein diet keeps your muscles fit and supports you optimally in weight reduction with the successfully tested 4-step slim concept.

high protein diet Low in lactose   
        The relatively low carbohydrate content and the low-lactose formula ensure a balanced insulin level. The formoline protein diet is therefore also suitable for diabetics and can be consumed without any problems in the case of lactose intolerance.
When prepared in accordance with Section 14a DietV, one serving contains 2.3 BE.

high protein diet Saturates for hours *   
       A meal contains only 305 kcal * and will fill you up for several hours. At the same time, valuable vitamins, minerals and iodine ensure that your body is supplied with vital substances even with continuous use.
* When prepared in accordance with Section 14a DietV

Many great flavors high protein diet   
      The mild taste makes the formoline protein diet versatile. Convince yourself of the delicious recipe suggestions and pamper yourself with the tasty protein shakes while losing weight.

high protein diet Conclusion
With the formoline protein diet you can reduce your weight and feel good all round. The tasty protein shakes fill you up for hours and supply your body with important protein components, vitamins and minerals every day. Make it easier for you to lose weight by simply preparing low-lactose meals.

Decide on formoline protein diet on your way to the figure you want!

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