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FORTIMEL Compact 2.4 banana flavor

Danone Germany GmbH

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FORTIMEL Compact 2.4 banana flavor

Fortimel Compact 2.4 kcal/ml drinking food banana 

Fortimel Compact 2.4 is a practical and tasty medical drinking food and contains a particularly high amount of energy and protein in a very low volume - especially suitable for people who can only eat and drink small amounts. Fortimel Compact 2.4 is fully balanced and the drinking food with the highest energy and nutrient density in our range: a ready-to-eat 125 ml drinking bottle provides 300 kcal and 12 g of high-quality protein. Compared to conventional standard drinking food (200 ml), it has 37.5% less drinking volume with the same energy and nutrient content. Our drinking food contains all vital nutrients in the quantities required (fully balanced diet) and is suitable for exclusive or supplementary nutrition. For high tolerance, Fortimel Compact 2.4 is gluten-free and low in lactose (less than 0.5 g per 100 ml).

 The use of our drinking foods is surprisingly versatile! You can either enjoy our tasty drinking food on its own or use it to enrich your usual food and drinks. 


Recommended daily amount of Fortimel Compact 2.4 

- For exclusive nutrition: 5 - 7 bottles/day - For supplementary nutrition: 1 - 3 bottles/day 

Indications Fortimel Compact 2.4 is suitable for diet management in cases of malnutrition caused by illness, especially with increased energy requirements and fluid restrictions. Because of its high nutrient density, Fortimel Compact 2.4 is particularly recommended if you can only consume small portions. 

Instructions for use Store in a cool and dry place. Shake well before use. The product is ready to use and tastes best when chilled. After opening, store the closed bottle in the refrigerator for a maximum of 24 hours. 

Note: Fortimel drinking foods are foods for special medical purposes. Use only under medical supervision. 


Why is there actually medical drinking food? 

Food and drink play a major role in our health and provide us with energy and vital nutrients. However, sometimes adequate nutrition becomes a challenge and malnutrition can develop gradually. Even mild malnutrition can lead to weakness, listlessness and fatigue.

Medical drinking foods are an important helper in the fight against malnutrition and malnutrition, because many people find it easier to drink something than to eat something. High-calorie liquid food contains a lot of energy in a small volume and can also be tailored to the needs of certain illnesses. Fully balanced drinking foods contain all vital nutrients in the quantities required. In many studies, positive effects of nutritional therapy with high-calorie drinking food have been achieved.

What are the benefits of medical drinking food?
> Ideal for covering energy and nutrient requirements
> Helpful for weight stabilization or gain
> Easy to consume and easy to integrate into everyday life
> Many different flavors provide variety

Are there differences in drinking foods?
The development and composition of medical drinking foods is based on special nutritional requirements. Drinking foods are therefore available in many variations that are suitable for numerous areas of application. Medical drinking foods are often differentiated based on the following criteria:

- Different calorie content: For normal energy requirements, there are normocaloric drinking foods with around 1 kcal per ml. For increased energy requirements, high-calorie drinking foods with a calorie content of 1.2 kcal per ml of liquid are suitable.

- Standard drinking foods & drinking foods for special requirements: Standard drinking foods are used for diet management in the event of nutritional deficiencies. The composition of drinking food can also be tailored to specific requirements and illnesses.

- Drinking food for children & adults: the energy and nutrient needs of children are different to those of adults.

- For more variety, we offer our drinking foods in many flavors as well as different variants and dosage forms, e.g. B. in different sized drinking bottles, as a cream for spooning or for the production of high-calorie food as a powder.

The Fortimel drinking food from Danone

As a pioneer in innovative product development, Danone has been setting standards for the safety and quality of medical nutritional therapies for almost 100 years. The ultimate goal is to optimally support the implementation of individual nutritional concepts. Danone's drinking foods are therefore tailored to different nutritional requirements and offer a wide variety of tastes and textures. The drinking foods are available ready-to-use in handy drinking bottles and can be enjoyed on their own or used to enrich your favorite foods.

In addition, Danone develops unique formulas and compositions. So are e.g. For example, the foods called “Multi Fiber” are enriched with special fiber mixtures that come closest to a normal diet. Our drinking foods called “Fortimel Compact” contain a particularly high amount of calories and nutrients in a very low volume – they are especially suitable for people who can only eat and drink small amounts.

All products are subject to the highest quality standards and are manufactured in a strictly controlled environment. The ingredients and composition of the drinking foods always correspond to the guidelines on medical nutrition and current recommendations from nutrition experts.

Food for special medical purposes (balanced diet)

FORTIMEL Compact 2.4 banana flavor