FRAZJA eye drops with a skylight 10ml, red eye treatment

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  • FRAZJA eye drops with a skylight is a product that is responsible for the relaxation of eye redness or other irritation (eg. Itching, burning) caused by external factors (smoke, wind, sun, dust).

Euphrasia officinalis fluid extract of 0.1%, disodium edetate 0.12 g, 20 ppm N-hydroxymethylglycinate, isotonic solution at pH 7.2 made ​​up to 100ml.

The product has the form of an isotonic solution is characterized by a unique composition. It contains a natural extract 0.1% firefly, which preferably affects the functioning of the eye. Shows moisturizing and soothing. Removes the discomfort and symptoms (redness, itching, burning) within the eye associated with the impact of environmental factors such as dust, radiation computer or TV, smoke, wind, sun.Indications: It is recommended to use the product to moisturize and relieve irritation of the eye.

How to use:
Apply topical, ocular. It is recommended to applying 1-2 drops into each conjunctival sac, repeating the maneuvre x 2-3 / 24, or according to need. The product should be used within 3 months of opening.