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FREE OIL Hydrolipid Moisturizing Cream Gold

Pharmacist Walter Bouhon GmbH

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FREE OIL Hydrolipid Moisturizing Cream Gold

Pack size:50ml Dosage form:cream

FREI OIL Hydrolipid Moisturizing Cream Gold

Dry skin needs pampering care that gives it what it lacks most: moisture and lipids. The products in the frei öl ® HYDROLIPID series restore the skin's ideal balance, regenerate the skin's protective barrier, protect against drying and damaging influences and improve the condition of the skin in the long term. They are made without alcohol, dyes, parabens, PEG/PEG derivatives and silicones and are particularly skin-friendly.

Deeply effective protection & smoothing & moisture booster
The light frei öl ® Moisturizing Cream GOLD with further developed hydro booster complex and pharmaceutical hyaluronic acid provides the skin with immediate and long-lasting moisture. Highly concentrated vitamin C stabilized by the finest gold particles works particularly quickly and efficiently. As a strong antioxidant, it protects the skin from free radicals, stimulates cell protection and has a balancing effect on the complexion. It stimulates collagen production, stabilizes and tightens the skin structure and smoothes wrinkles and lines. The skin is intensively hydrated, gains elasticity and glow and appears plumper and more even.

All ingredients are controlled according to pharmaceutical principles.

Vegan | Dermatologically tested

frei öl ® EFFECT:
• Stimulates collagen formation
• Reduces oxidative stress caused by ozone pollution by 70%
• Protects cell membranes from environmental damage
• Provides 3x intensive moisture
• Strengthens the skin's protective barrier

Morning and/or evening after cleansing Apply to face, neck and décolleté and massage in gently.

Additional product information and tips:
• O/W emulsion
• 92% ingredients of natural origin

Selected ingredients/works with:
• Aloe vera
• Borage oil
• Glycerin
• GOLD vitamin C
• Jojoba oil
• Panthenol
• pharmaceutical hyaluronic acid
• Urea
• Vitamin E

• Alcohol
• Dyes
• Microplastics*
• Mineral oils (paraffins)
• Parabens
• PEG/PEG derivatives
• Silicones

Customer description:
• Customers with dry, sensitive skin and/or dehydrated skin
• Customers with dryness wrinkles
• For everyone who has their skin want to protect against aging caused by free radicals
• Customers for whom the topic of luxury is important in their care
• Customers who want to use the ingredients vitamin C and gold in their care
• Customers who want to protect their skin from environmental cell damage
• Customers who prefer light care
• Customers who want less lipids and more moisture

* Recipe without microplastics according to the definition of the Federal Environment Agency (2020).